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What end do we seek for the Syrian Civil War?


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Assuming that we all agree that the pace of healthcare cost increases is universally considered to be undesirable, what is the most valid, nonpolitical criticism of Obamacare? Is it the elimination of lower cost partial insurance options and the forced participation? To frame the question better, what material negative impact has Obamacare had on the American healthcare landscape?

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If we all agreed that a perpetual deficit for the federal government is not sustainable, and we believed that higher taxation were in fact not politically possible, how then, does one propose that we balance the federal budget without cutting aid programs? Could one argue that what seems cruel to the people of today was in some way less cruel to the generations that come after us?

(Because this is the first one, I’ll note, these questions don’t represent my opinion on the subject, but a potential opinion. I’m interested in yours.)